If you think that you are not, you will be what you were. What did I bring to that today.

Yesterday a man removed a girl whom Allah has finished her beauty and was sitting in an office that the people had interest in and people were waiting for the office and sitting in outdoor chairs. The man sat next to the girl. He talked to the girl and started a normal story.

When the name and the acquaintance asked the girl. ′′ Brother where do you work?” the man claims to work in the bank while building the girl but that is far from the truth. This man doesn’t know but the girl herself works in the bank. Then the next question was ′′ which department do you work?” because it is a girl who knows where she works. Where were you expecting something else he said ′′ I work in section ′′ while making the girl that the bank owns section and coins etc. I don’t know what to say.

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