Today is the 3rd anniversary of my appointment as the Deputy Commander of the Somali Police Force. Although I am celebrating the anniversary of the leaders’ performance, I have decided to celebrate my anniversary in a different way and share with you the challenges of the role. It doesn’t make any sense to present my work to you because the correct calculation is the Day of Judgment and it is not a document that I have cut and boasted about. This post I shared with you is not disappointing but I want to touch on reality so that every girl who wants to be the head of an organization dominated by men can consult with her on some of my challenges. met.

Our men are not yet trained to command or control a woman in the workplace, so you need to find a skill that you can manage. If you do not have a brother, a partner and a parent like me in the country, rely on extra pressure and heavy fighting and you also have no one to carry the burden with you. Be strong and resilient!.

Stay tuned for more episodes.

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