Part Two.

3) The Vice President is a genius who values ​​your position. The military is strict and the deputy commander is no greater than the deputy commander. But responsibility is a name, the more you empower yourself the more we empower you. When you are a girl who rules over a lot of men and your responsibilities are limited by the rules you work in, you need to do your best to be able to do it. Men are strong when it comes to power but girls need to be smart. Although the top positions in the government are divided along clan lines, if you are a girl, do not rely on tribalism to be able to carry out your responsibilities because men have already said “no woman has a clan”. Find a good job ooga men dhigahaaga occupation strengthen and enforce responsibilities. For example, the Police Force has 3 members, 2 of whom are men. These male commanders can form a clan because one is the nephew of the President and the other is the cousin of the Prime Minister. I have the opportunity I do not have so I organized harm the self-esteem of the preferred proud nation that reputation to look and focus on influencing social reasons oath is why today can say that I am one of the commanders, political and social consequences . Although I do not even have the ability to replace a soldier, the technique I play is the main reason why some men do not attack me openly while others can even be said to be afraid of me. Strength is the wisdom of men, my daughter, rely on your wisdom and wisdom!

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