Somali politics is 95% male-dominated and 100% of which is “I am bigger than you” and “I deserve you”.

Therefore if you are considering a charge of up to 95% Note dagaalaha not going to apply to only focus you have a responsibility to protect the nation. Because in a stadium where men are beating each other, a girl does not get involved and she does not succeed and she does not get help. Limit your responsibilities; Play Button. Play Button If you can solve the current problem in depth.

As a woman in a high position, you have a special responsibility to support girls who are below you but do not have the ability. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But never expect to be rewarded, because most of the hostility comes from women, especially those you are in charge of. Consider that the attack on you will be different from the attack on your male counterparts because when you want to insult a man in the head it is more likely to be described as tribal, lying or corrupt but as a head girl you have to be careful in any way. nothing but your dignity will be addressed. Recommend that you be fired for misconduct and slander, even if you have a PhD you are said to have committed the offense. But know that everyone sees what he is like, so don’t be angry and don’t retaliate. Just trust your abilities and fulfill your responsibilities.

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